Palletizing systems


Our systems are ideal for combining one or more lines in a centralized palletizing system. Each palletizing system can handle unlimited layout configurations, and includes rapid changes of palletizing patterns through stored recipes.


We have a wide range of options for handling boxes, trays, plastic shrink packages, buckets, cans, bags, sacks, bags, among others.


  • Downsizing and improved quality of work.


  • Shrinkage reduction caused by the staff.


  • Through the use of robots the system is fast, reliable, robust and highly flexible.


  • Flexibility in layout configuration (1 input / 1 output - 2 inputs / 1 output) allows installation in small spaces.


  • Economic standard configurations or customized solutions available.


  • Capable of handling 10 to 40 packages per minute.


  • Software FANUC collision protection that prevents accidental damage to the robot tool and other equipment.


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